The Limits of Criminological Positivism: The Movement for Criminal Law Reform in the West, 1870-1940

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Section: Scientific events



Introductory remarks: Michele Pifferi (University of Ferrara)


Yves Cartuyvels (Saint Louis University, Brussel), The influence of positivism in Belgium: between adhesion and resistance

Lindsay Farmer (University of Glasgow), Responding to the Problem of Crime: English Criminal Law and the Limits of Positivism

Richard Wetzell (German Historical Institute, Washington. D.C.), The Limits of Criminal Law Reform in Imperial Germany

Marco Nicola Miletti (University of Foggia), The Positive School and the Italian criminal procedure




2.30 PM - 5.30 PM

Susanna Blumenthal (University of Minnesota), The Criminal Type: Positivism and Abnormality in Progressive America

Enrique Roldan Canizares (University of Seville), The Holy Spring: Positivism in Spain

Paul Garfinkel (Simon Fraser University), Juvenile Courts in Fascist Italy: A Preliminary Reassessment

Michele Pifferi (University of Ferrara), From Responsibility to Dangerousness? The Failed Promise of Penal Positivism




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