Macrocrimes promotes various teaching activities, in the framework of the courses offered by the Department of Law as well as of postgraduate programmes. Along with several activities addressed to students and PhD candidates, it has created teaching modules aimed at research - also in an interdisciplinary perspective - on high-impact crime phenomena and the judicial instruments for addressing them.

The strong interest in the interactions between theoretical issues and their applications in practice has led to the institution of legal clinic courses, while the ambition to promote excellence within the student community has inspired the creation of the “Andrea Alciato” Advanced Course, specifically addressed to the most outstanding students attending the 4th or 5th year of their law degree programme.

Within the framework of postgraduate education, it is worth mentioning the new Master of Laws in  the Prevention and Repression of International Crime at Sea, which was set up in cooperation with the University of Malta and will begin as of A.Y. 2020-21.

Furthermore, Macrocrimes works in cooperation with the Doctoral School of European Union Law and National Legal Systems, established in the framework of the Department of Law.

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