Our Clusters

Macrocrimes is structured around four research clusters, reflecting the breadth of the topics dealt with by the Centre and the diverse scientific interests of its members and fellows.

The Core Crimes Cluster deals with the most serious violations of international law, which are of concern to the international community as a whole – such as genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression – as well as any other serious violation of human rights perpetrated by (or otherwise attributable to) a State, even if committed outside the framework of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population.

MaCrOLab focuses on the domestic, European and international legal framework relating to the fight against organised crime in its various manifestations, with a strong inter-disciplinary approach.
The Business and Crime cluster addresses economic crime and macro-crime committed by companies, causing significant harm or danger (such as those connected to technological, industrial, environmental or health disasters), or altering competition and market rules, the proper functioning of the public administration and, more generally, of contemporary democracies (through market abuse, financial cracks, endemic corruption, etc.).

The Public Security and Individual Rights cluster investigates the peculiar features of special regimes enacted to fight macro-crime in various areas of criminal justice and their (often problematic) relationship with the protection of individual rights, also with a view to legislative reform.

Each cluster pursues its activities autonomously, albeit within a unitary framework where synergies are prompted also by the possibility for members and fellows to participate in more than one Lab.

  • MaCrOLab

    MaCrOLab focuses on the legal framework relating to the fight against organised crime at domestic.

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  • Photo Business and Human Rights
    Business and crime

    Impresa e criminalità si occupa dei macro-crimini dell’impresa.

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  • Corte penale internazionale
    Core Crimes

    The Core Crimes cluster deals with the most serious violations of international law.

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  • Laboratorio Sicurezza collettiva e tutela dei diritti individuali
    Public Security and Individual Rights

    Public Security and Individual Rights

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  • Anna De Giuli
    Anna De Giuli

    Dr. Anna De Giuli

    Member of MaCrOLab

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