Angela Caruso

Dr. Angela Caruso

Angela Caruso is a lawyer and lecturer in criminal procedural law at the DiGiES of Reggio Calabria. She is a member of "CAMMINO", of which she is the territorial referent for the Court of Justice jurisprudence sector, and of the Criminal Chamber "Gaetano Sardiello" of Reggio Calabria. She has published numerous contributions, has participated in two collective works entitled Legislazione antimafia e sistema del doppio binario - Analisi della normativa penale, processuale e penitenziaria, published by Aiello&Martino in 2009 and Il trasferimento fraudolento di valori, published by Giappichelli in 2018. She is the author of Il Penalista, and has moderated and lectured at local, national and international conferences and seminars, including one on the relationship between lawyers and the judiciary in the protection of human rights, with the participation (also) of Dr. Antonio Balsamo, law. Abdelaziz Abdelaziz Essid and Serife Ceren Uysal, at which he discussed the right to time.