The bodies and officers of the Centre are:

  • the Executive Committee, made up of 7 members;
  • the Director;
  • the Vice Director;
  • the Scientific Committee.

Ex officio members of the Executive Committee are: the Director pro tempore of the Department of Law, the Coordinator of one of the Single-Cycle Law Programmes (Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza) set up in the Department; the Coordinator of the Doctoral Research Programme in European Union Law and National Legal Systems. Members appointed by the Department Committee are: a representative of MaCrOLab; three members selected from among the professors and researchers working in the Department.

The Scientific Committee is presently made up of the Director of the Centre, the Vice Director and 8 other members from outside the University of Ferrara. The Scientific Committee has the function of formulating proposals and providing advice in relation to the Centre’s activities; it expresses opinions on the initiatives proposed and undertaken and contributes to assuring the scientific quality of the activities conducted.


Deputy Director

Executive Committee

Scientific Commitee