Daniele Negri

Daniele Negri

Prof. Daniele Negri

Member of the Executive Board and of the Business and crime cluster.


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Daniele Negri is a Full Professor of Criminal Procedural Law at the University of Ferrara Department of Law. A member of the teaching staff of the Doctoral School of European Union Law and National Legal Systems, he has also been a coordinator of the PhD programme in Comparative Law and Comparative Legal History.

After earning his law degree (University of Ferrara, 1995) he obtained a PhD in criminal procedural law at the University of Bologna (1999). He has been a guest researcher at the Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Strafrecht (Germany), Visiting Professor at the Université de Franche-Comté (Francia) and an Erasmus lecturer at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).
He has taken part in numerous national research projects, as well as international research projects on the European arrest warrant, evidence gathering in the European legal space, access to courts, prison overcrowding, relations between the European Anti-Fraud Office and national investigative agencies, confiscation and the fight against international terrorism.

Author of two monographs (Fumus commissi delicti. La prova per le fattispecie cautelari, 2004, and La presenza dell’imputato al processo, 2012) and numerous other publications. In his most recent scientific production, he has dedicated himself to the principle of procedural legality, among other subjects. Co-author of the textbook Fondamenti di procedura penale, 2019, and editor of collected volumes (including Investigating European Fraud in the EU Member States, with A. Bernardi, 2017; Le erosioni silenziose del contraddittorio, with R. Orlandi, 2017; Nuovi orizzonti del diritto alla difesa tecnica. Un itinerario tra questioni attuali e aperture del quadro normativo, with P. Renon, 2017; Diritti individuali e processo penale nell’Italia repubblicana, with M. Pifferi, 2011; Protezione dei dati personali e accertamento penale. Verso la creazione di un nuovo diritto fondamentale?, 2007).
Co-editor of the series Collezione di Giustizia Penale. A member of the scientific committee of the journals Archivio penale, La legislazione penale, Diritto penale XXI secolo and Diritto penale e Uomo, as well as the series Studi di Giustizia penale and Giustizia penale attuale. Member of the editorial board of the journal Criminalia.

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