Magri Marco

Marco Magri

Prof. Marco Magri

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Marco Magri is a Full Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Ferrara, where he has been teaching Administrative Law and Environmental Law since 2006. The main topics of his researches in administrative law are the constitutional rules on public administration, citizen’s participation rights in public decision-making process, judicial review of administrative decisions (mostly on the limits of the access to justice, even in environmental matters under the Aarhus Convention), public bodies liability, transparency and measures against corruption. He took part in three National Research Programmes (PRIN): 2004 (The practice of constitutional bodies); 2007 (Federalism as method of government: the rules of deliberative and participatory democracy); 2010/20111 (Democratic institutions and administrations in Europe: Cohesion and innovation at the time of the economic crisis) and in other regional and local researches. He is member since 2011 of the scientific committee of the journal “Institutions of Federalism”.

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