Letizia d'Altilia

Letizia d'Altilia

Dr. Letizia d'Altilia

Business adn crime cluster

Letizia d'Altilia has been granted the national scientific habilitation of associate professor. She is currently Lecturer in Economic Criminal Law and Tax Criminal Law at the University of Milan Bicocca.

Her research interests focus on both the general and the special part of criminal law, and in particular, on the principles of criminal law with a special focus on the conflict among law, law and jurisprudence, on preterintention and omissive negligence, on the theoretical and legal justification of punishment, on the criminal risk of labour and environmental risk, on corporate, tax and bankruptcy offences, on legal compliance and the responsibility of the entity under c. d. 231, on white collar criminals, also in the P.A. environment, and on macro- and cybercrimes.

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