Chiara Bergonzini

Chiara Bergonzini

Dott. Chiara Bergonzini

Member of the Business and Crime cluster.

Chiara Bergonzini holds a Ph.D. in constitutional law and in 2017 obtained the National Scientific Qualification as an Associate Professor in the same field.

Her research activity concerns constitutional law and in particular public law and economics. She is an expert in public budgets and financial procedures, themes on which she has published a monograph and several essays. She is currently focusing her studies on revenue management (tax evasion and tax expenditures), spending review and accounting harmonization in multilevel systems, always paying particular attention to the protection of constitutional rights. Her interdisciplinary vocation has often led her to explore ‘borderline’ themes, such as the indicators of equitable and sustainable wellbeing and the so-called shadow economy.


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