Alfonso Ariu

Alfonso Ariu

Lieutenant Colonel Alfonso Ariu belongs to the Core crimes cluster.

Alfonso Ariu earned a law degree from the University of Cagliari, defending a thesis entitled “Crimine di perduellio”, supervisor Prof. Rosa CIMA, co-supervisor Prof. Oliviero DILIBERTO.

Since 1989 he has been an official of the Air Force Commissariat Corps. During his career he has attended numerous professional courses, including: “Conflitti di Diritti e Diritti in Conflitto” (“Conflicts of Law and Laws in Conflict”) at the Air Operations Command (COA) in Poggio Renatico in October 2011; course on “Diritti Umani e Diritto Umanitario nei Conflitti Armati” (“Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflict”) at the University of Ferrara and the COA in May 2012; course on “Preparazione alle Operazioni (CPO-2)” (“Preparation for Operations”) at the COA in June 2012; course on “Preparazione Targeting basico” (“Basic Targeting Preparation”) at the COA in September 2012; course on “Diritto Internazionale Penale Militare” (“International Military Criminal Law”) at the University of Ferrara and COA in February 2013; “Initial Functional JFAC Training” course at the NATO D.A.C.C.C. - Deployable Air Command and Control Centre, in Poggio Renatico; “Legal Advisor” course at the NATO School in Oberammergau (Germany).

In the course of his professional career, Lieutenant Colonel ARIU has been appointed to the roles of Administrative Department Head and Head of the International Budget Department. At present, he is serving in the Legal Affairs Department of the Air Operations Command. He contributed to the drafting of the agreement between the University of Ferrara and the Chief of Defence Staff for courses on “Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflict”, “International Military Criminal Law”, and “International Air Navigation Law”. He contributed to defining the teaching programmes of these courses, as well as to the organization of activities aimed at verifying and assessing the practical application of the legal principles addressed.

He has taught courses in humanitarian law, both at the University of Ferrara and in training schools of the armed forces, and on the protection of cultural heritage during armed conflict. He has also taught in courses on the International Criminal Court (ICC), organized by the Ferrara Provincial Committee of the Italian Red Cross.

Coordinator and lecturer in the training programme for officials of the Air Force Commissariat Corps seeking to attain the qualification of “legal advisor for air operations”.

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