Master of Laws on the Prevention and Repression of International Crime at Sea (MICAS) - as from Academic Year 2020-2021

News of 22-03-2019
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The Master of Laws in the Prevention and Repression of International Crime at Sea (MICAS) is a Joint LLM programme in English, established in cooperation with the University of Malta.

The administrative seat of the programme is the University of Malta; each of the two Universities will host the courses of the programme every other year. The first course will be held in Malta in 2020-2021; the 2021-2022 course will be held in Ferrara.

Although the subject is specific in nature, the programme’s focus will lie at the crossroads between different branches of law (International Law of the Sea; International, EU and domestic Human Rights Law; Criminal Law; Judicial and Police Cooperation; EU Law; Migration Law) while also touching upon the defence and security dimension. The programme thus explores topical issues, such as the fight against terrorism at sea, piracy, and particularly serious crimes such as migrant smuggling and human trafficking.

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