Muhammad Imran Khan

Muhammad Imran Khan

Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan

Member of the Core crimes cluster

Muhammad Imran Khan is Ph.D. candidate in European Union Law and National Legal Systems at the Department of Law of the University of Ferrara. He is working under the supervision of Prof. Alessandra Annoni on thesis dissertation titled, “Relativist challenge to the universalist concept of human rights: the possible positive role of European Union’s External Actions and Relations for mediating the challenge.”

Subsequent to his Bachelor of law degree, he obtained his Master of International Human Rights Law (LLM) degree with distinction from International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. The title of his Master of Law thesis dissertation was “The nexus between Human Rights and Security: A critical analysis.” The thesis endeavoured to critically analyse the Protection of Pakistan Act 2014, which was promulgated after the ‘Peshawar school massacre.’ The Act provides for the establishment of military courts with jurisdiction to try civilians accused of terrorism. The thesis assessed the legality and justifiability of these courts at the face of International human rights law’s fair trial standards.

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