Niccolò Tronchin

Dr. Niccolò Tronchin

Public Security and Individual Rights cluster

Niccolò Tronchin graduated in Law from the University of Ferrara in December 2021 with a dissertation on criminal procedural law entitled 'The formation of evidence in organised crime trials' (supervisor: Prof. Daniele Negri; co-rapporteurs: Prof. Francesco Bartolo Morelli, Dr. Fabio Nicolicchia) with a mark of 110/110 cum laude.

After graduating, he carried out his internship ex art. 73 D.l. 69/2013 at the Court of Ferrara (g.i.p./g.u.p. section) and the legal practice.

Since June 2022 he has been an expert in Criminal Procedure Law; since November 2023 in Criminal Enforcement Law and in Organised Crime and Prevention Measures.

He is a member of the Legal Orientation Desk for detainees in the Ferrara Penitentiary.

He attended the editions of the Macrocrimes Centre Summer school 2021 ("Law society and the fight against mafias") and 2023 ("Reformed criminal justice: issues and perspectives").

In November 2022, he started his PhD in European Union and National Law at the University of Ferrara. The research project concerns the use of videoconferencing as a way of acquiring declarative evidence in criminal proceedings, analysed from both domestic and supranational perspectives, with a comparative look at the US and Spanish legal systems.

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