Francesco Morelli

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Prof. Francesco Morelli


Member of the Public security and individual rights cluster


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Francesco Morelli, PhD, is Researcher since 2012 and Associate Professor of Criminal Procedure since 2018 in the Department of Law of the University of Ferrara.

He teaches Investigation Techniques, Criminal Procedure, and holds the Legal Clinic in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. He is member of the Academic Board of the Phd in “European Union Law and National Legal Systems” the since 2013 in the University of Ferrara.

He wrote a book about the acquittal in the Italian system (Le formule di proscioglimento. Radici storiche e funzioni attuali, Giappichelli, 2014). His research activity deals with habeas corpus and pretrial cautionary measures, the migrants’ rights of freedom, European Arrest Warrant, personal data protection in the criminal trial, biological and digital evidence, principal of legality, jurisdiction, Court of Cassation. He took part to national and international projects of research, in particular: “European Arrest Warrant Project” (AGIS 2004-2006, coord. TMC Asser Instituut) and “Relationships between the national judicial authorities and the investigative agencies in the view of the EPPO: operational models and best practices in fight against EU frauds”, Hercule III, Programme 2014-2020, Project Leader Prof. Alessandro Bernardi. In 2015 he teaches in the Course of digital Investigation for the Italian Police.

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